Scratch M5 Pas CPC

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The saddle that Won the Tour de France 2020 with our patented technology CPC.

Scratch M5 CPC PAS is designed to be the next level of performance. The CPC technology is the same used in Formula1, patented by Prologo for the cycling industry. The 3D polymer cones maximize the grip when assuming an aggressive position and help to change position quickly on the saddle.

Thanks to the new “T SHAPE” design, size and ergonomics the SCRATCH M5 CPC PAS is a unisex saddle (man and women) suitable for a multicategory use.

The new MSS Multi Sector System, designed in co-operation with the Polytechnic of Milan, helps improve comfort and performance; the active foam pads, separated from each other, create independently zones that work in a smart and individual way, favoring the natural movement of the pedaling phases both of pushing and pulling, absorbing the vibrations that the base transfers to the saddle. The Round Shape of the M5 allows the pelvis a natural rotation, creating stability and support for the lumbar areas, and the distribution of the pressures on a greater surface

The PAS (Perineal Area System) is a channel designed to eliminate pressure peaks and numbness, improving blood flow. Its ergonomic design, assisted by variable density foams, eliminates contact points in the prostatic-genital area. The PAS channel is ideal for users who prefer performance combined with comfort over long and medium distances.